Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fall Break!!!

Well It's been a long time since I finally finished the layout of my blog, and to my luck it seems I was right in time for bloggers new beta!!! Their beta really did help quite a bit.
Anyways, this Break I have spent more money in the last few days then the entirety of last month.... :o Yea, so I might have to keep a tighter reign on my budget. Well, besides spending loads of money I have done the following: Sleep, SLEEP, and MORE SLEEP! and it feels great. I suppose I woulnd't have been so lazy, but hey! I just had a cyst removed! And it still kinda hurts :p
Ah whatelse? ...Work seems to be rolling again, Finally! Oh and I got some of my Christmas shopping out of the way.
Any with that I'll leave you with this: Get Thunderbird!!! Well maybe not all of you, but if you have 7 flurishing email addresses like me, you need to organize them, and from my experience thunderbird blows outlook out of the water when coupled with a few extentions. PeAcE!!!!

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