Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top Ten Urinals

Wow!!! You have to check this site out... Top Ten Urinals. Definately the most amazing display of urinals ever!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tabs in Windows Explorer

Yay!!! I finally found an a program to make it possible to have tabs in windows explorer. Sorry, I'm a huge nerd!!! Check it out

Also I found this site that gives you a guide to making xp look like vista... haven't tried it yet, but here's the link:

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Illusion is Over.

The Illusion is Over... Every dream and every goal at this point in my life has been exposed for what is really is... A lie. There's no point in dreams. When the dream's over you're left just as empty as you were before. The only hope left at this point is to grab on to another dream, another obsession, and hope that it can get you by. But it won't. Goals and dreams last until they are over, but life lasts until you're dead.

In order to do the man in the mirror justice my plans must die now. For I have to live with that man long after the thrill of accomplishment is over. I will not live another day for accomplishments.

Money, Power, and Fame may build a legacy, but a legacy will never make me happy. Because at the end of the road I will still need something greater.
I cannot change more than one step at a time, and I won't wait till I've passed the program with flying colors to start liking myself. I don't need a reason. Maybe everyone else does, but I refuse to be ruled a life of obsession.

I'm Through Living In A Dream World.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


So I'm going to my Grandma's funeral this weekend. She died in the Florida tornado. Not to excited to go...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Michael Fredson & the Global Mineral Sourcing Agency

So I got this email....

Good day,
I am Michael Fredson and i work for Global mineral sourcing agency in Asia/Africa/Europe. Our main factory is located in Asia where we extract raw Gold and Diamond.Am the one appointed in cordinating any payment that we are expecting from any of our client to get paid as soon as possible.But all transfers and anything that has to do with payments are referred to Africa because that is where we get most of our goods from.The cost of coming to your location to get payments is very expensive,we spend up to $1,300 in buying tickets only.And that is why we need a representative in your location who will be handling the aspect of getting payment on our behave instead of we coming down there that will cost us much money.We are willing to pay 10% per every payment you receive.You can still keep your regular job while you work for us.

All you have to do is help us receive payments from our customers in your present location.These payments are in checks,or bank transfers.As soon as you have been employed you will have access to the company conference that take place in New York and some other part of America and Europe.But the problem we are having is trust because we need someone that is honest and trustworthy,But we have our way of getting anyone that get away with our money,That is why we let the FBI branch in Washington DC USA get involved.So that our payment and money can be secure and safe.

Kindly contact me back on my personal email address with your full name,full contact home address,age and sex including phone number if you are interested.Then i will get back to you with what the company says about your interest in working with us.

Michael Fredson
Global mineral sourcing agency

It looks like complete spam. The email itself is from
Which from doing a quick whois search it seems that no one owns, which means the sender must have some how masked his real sending address. This guy needs a real job.